The Importance of Social Media in a time of National Emergency

As I type this introduction, I think about HOW many people are communicating regarding our nation’s current state of emergency. As of Friday, March 13th, both the President of the United States and our Governor of Vermont, issued a state of emergency. This comes at a time when schools not only across the nation but in Vermont have been preparing tirelessly for the unknown. With an impending decision for every school system across the country to evaluate whether to close or not, the importance of communication has never been greater. As school districts are furiously looking towards distance learning as a way to combat the continuation of education despite not physically being able to go to school, the social media channels are flooded with information….in a good way….here’s why.

Social Media is a Distance Learning Tool…

Again, this is one of the many reasons that I vlog. I value producing information for all audiences that can help them to feel more profoundly connected to any situation that is happening, whether it is a national emergency or merely reporting on the week. Give it a try, make a video, talk about what is going on, and send it out there. You will be surprised at how effective and genuine this communication can be with your stakeholders and help to assure them that you are in this together.

Joe Sanfelippo pots a daily 1-minute walk to work where he quickly reports out in a real genuine way to his stakeholders. This type of communication really models how we should think about the consumption of information in times of crisis.

Changing my Vlog….Temporarily..

So based on all of what is going on, I am changing my VLog in order to keep up with all of the changing information and keep people connected. I can’t promise that my vlog will be super informative and may sometimes be me going through my day, but it will be real, in the moment communication designed to keep you engaged in what is happening.

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