Consistent Transparency

We have entered into an unprecedented time for us in not only education but the world as we know it. As schools begin to grapple with the ever-changing demands placed upon them, the world as a whole has to adapt. As school districts begin to move into the virtual environment, many educators and leaders may start to feel unequipped for this new landscape, but guess what? That is totally OK! Educator’s default setting is adaptability, well as long as they have, it toggled on 🙂 Educators are some of the most resilient and adaptable workers we have in our country. I have seen, just in the past few days, educators throw away all they know to board a ship that ventures into unknown territory, and guess what? They did it without even asking WHY!

The ReBirth of Innovation…

Many educators….and I mean…MANY really strive in this new educational landscape because they strive for innovation and finding novel ways to engage their students and families. I mean, we have literally had to actually control and filter a bit of the innovation only for consistency’s sake, but that just speaks to how amazing educators can be. They don’t ask for help, or guidance in turning their worlds upside down, they simply adapt in order to meet the needs of their students best. As we enter into the online world of education, educators will now begin to be even more transparent in their practice and their lives…just wait and see.

Consistent transparency is the model that I am adopting in this new educational landscape. I feel that now more than ever, we must show our stakeholders that we are also human. As students and families will be mostly within their homes, so will educators and leaders. Therefore, it only makes sense to be showing them that we are all in this together. This is why I vlog every day because we need to maintain those human connections despite the distance. This is also why I make a fool of myself sometimes because we need just to make someone laugh. Humor is an IMPORTANT part of distance learning or even just managing our connections from a far……like seriously….there are articles about it.

I have no doubt we will begin to see many funny moments from educators across the nation as they find fun ways to communicate with their stakeholders, and I will continue to do my part in trying to bring a smile to someone from afar.

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