April Break is in the AIR

For some reason, Phil Collins masterpiece “In the Air Tonight” has been really stuck in my playlist as the April Break Pre-Jam…I think it has to do with its smooth roll into the heart of the song, and it really has been that way for us in education. We have had a slowly increasing workload that has been building upon us in this new educational landscape. It has caused educators to really be placed into areas that they are not necessarily familiar with, which can be very exhausting when trying to learn new tools, platforms, and practices while simultaneously using them.

Educators Need this break more than ever.

In the last four weeks, educators and administrators have crammed in 3 months worth of work. The days have been long, and the tensions have run high, as we balance our place and practice in this “New Normal.” However, I have seen not only in my district but across the country, educators have entered into this new landscape with not only grace but with FLARE! Keeping the learning fun and engaging has been a top priority for staff, I mean, who doesn’t love a talking Snail!?

Or local police officers delivering Happy Birthday messages to our students at home?
Or preparing distance learning bags for families?
Or my PERSONAL favorite, a daily morning message to students from their Principal!

Now, as we enter into a MUCH needed April Break, I cannot stress enough for educators everywhere to DISCONNECT and RELAX. This has been an incredibly high-paced journey, and we need to recharge your batteries for the final countdown. Personally, I am going to be trying to disconnect myself and accomplish the following THREE things:

  1. Finnish my Dissertation to graduate from my Ed.D. Program in May.
  2. Watch every single underwater thriller movie. Ending with the new movie Underwater. We have a thing for stressful situations happening underwater lately in our movie binge habits…lol…this stay-home order has really developed our movie preferences.
  3. Play lots of Chess.

Do you need some ideas to take your stay-home vacation to the next level? Checkout this post on how to make it “feel” like you are on vacation from your home.

In the end, take the time to relax and reset yourself for the final stretch of the year in this distance learning environment!

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