Winter Island

Winter Island Park in Salem, Massachusetts, was an exceptionally underrated location for not only taking in the cool sea mist while enjoying the mid-morning sun but also a prime spot for throwing up the drone! We journeyed to Salem, Massachusetts, to explore the history of the Salem Witch Trials and the city itself. Salem, Massachusetts, is a charming quintessential New England town tucked away on the rocky coast, and the witchy propaganda totally overshadows its beauty. Yes, the witchy stuff was super cool and historically enlightening, but when visiting Salem in the Spring, it seems not to be as much of a focal point. However, the pristine rocky coastline, which can be viewed just minutes from downtown Salem, is an adventure all on its own.

Winter Island has hosted settlements dating back to prehistory. This small island was home to the Native American Naumkeag, Salem’s first fishing industry, shipbuilding, and a succession of military establishments from the Revolutionary War to World War. Surprisingly, Winter Island also played host to the initial executions from the Salem Witch Hysteria on top of what is known as Execution Hill before the executions being moved more centrally into downtown Salem.

However, it is probably not so much for the witchy-related history and more to enjoy the beautifying vistas atop the rocky coastline if you are coming to Winter Island. We literally spent only one hour here at Winter Island Park, where we found parking and ease of access to be very positive. There were no fees to pay (at least when we entered), and it seemed to be primarily used as a campground. There was also this super cool lighthouse that sits on the rocky point of the island. You can even walk down a rocky path to capture some really unique lighthouse photos!

Although we did not come to Winter Island for camping, it was clear that this is a premium must-stay destination for anyone looking to camp oceanside in New England. The office/store is near the waterfront and provides basic camping necessities, including snacks, drinks, toiletries, and Winter Island memorabilia. For anyone looking for a tremendous oceanside place to fly your drone while camping, this destination is a must. Check out the video below for an up-close 4K look at this beautiful location.

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