In late spring 2022, I will be teaching a course through Castleton entitled, Becoming An Antiracist Educator. This course has been thoughtfully designed to work around the busy lives of educators and is predominately asynchronous. However, there is a great deal of asynchronous engagement amongst students, allowing the time needed to thoughtfully process concepts and topics and respond when convenient for you. Below is a description of this course and a link to the registration.

Instructor:Ben White
Location:This course in conducted in an online environment using Canvas.
Dates and Times:May 2 – June 27, 2022
Credits:3 graduate
Tuition: $1,195

Course Description

Today, more than ever, schools must be prepared to meet the varying educational, social, and emotional needs of all children. The U.S. population will be considerably more racially, ethnically and physically diverse by 2060, according to projections released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that our educational resources and practices reflect the changing makeup of our classrooms to ensure that students feel welcomed and supported regardless of their race or culture. In this course, you will thoroughly explore white privilege, implicit bias, and equity through research, and courageous online discussions moving your educational practice towards that of an antiracist. This course focuses on leveraging your classroom library to help foster a foundation for developing an antiracist climate in your classroom through intentional conversations and exposure to diverse literature representations.

Participants will also explore how to also evaluate and select the best multicultural literature when building classroom libraries while learning how to approach the conversation of race developmentally in grades K-12. This course will prepare participants to bring back to their schools a model for being an antiracist educator that they can use to leverage a call to action within the systems, curriculum and practices of the school community ensuring that students are learning receiving an educational experience that prepares them to be citizens of the world.

 Audience: All educators prek-12

Course Goals: At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Students will identify and describe how to be an antiracist educator.
  2. Students will develop and articulate a goal to help incorporate how to be an antiracist educator into a professional or personal plan.
  3. Students will understand how to lead and promote antiracism within your classroom and school community.
  4. Students will develop an understanding of the current research and practices around white privilege, implicit bias, and equity.
  5. Students will practice selecting/evaluating the best literature for teaching and supporting conversations of race within the classroom.
  6. Students will be able to reflect on their on biases and evaluate their environment through a racial equity lens.

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