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In late spring 2022, I will be teaching a course through Castleton entitled, Becoming An Antiracist Educator. This course has been thoughtfully designed to work around the busy lives of educators and is predominately asynchronous. However, there is a great deal of asynchronous engagement amongst students, allowing the time needed to thoughtfully process concepts and…

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The Home Office

Over the past two weeks, Liz has been not really thrilled with this “New Normal” of working from home. I think that she envisioned that we would be able to spend more time with one another because we would be literally in the same location, BUT that was not the case. Every morning for two…

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The New Normal

It is sad to think that my new professional life is feeling familiar and routine now. Like many educators and educational leaders, the workload in this new environment can feel overwhelming, but at the same time, I remind myself that we are blessed to have a job. I also think about how this new normal…

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