Reinventing Yourself Through Innovation

EDU 5515 C13: Reinventing Yourself Through Innovation (3 Credit)

Dates and Times: July 5th, 2020 – August 24th 2020

Location: Online

Course Cost to Student:  $1,400 with technology, $975 without. Note: $1,400 tuition includes the following digital action camera: GoPro HERO8 Black Action Camera w/Extra Battery, 32GB Memory Card and GoPro Tripod Mounts with Mini Tripod.

Course Description:  Looking for a course that reinvents your practice prior to the school year? Then this course will be a highly engaging and rewarding summer course for you! In an age where perception is reality, teacher burnout is a trend, and schools have become much more digital, educators across the country are in need of refreshing their practices. How do I get back that exciting feeling of going to work everyday? How do I engage my students and families in creative and meaningful ways in this new educational landscape?  That’s what this course is designed to help with. In this course, participants from K-12 both educators will learn about the power of video and social media as a communication tool for innovation within the classroom and school. This course will breakdown the essence of why and how to use video/social media as a tool for innovation thus providing you with a toolset, leaving this course being able to begin using video/social media and other engaging platforms and best practices to reinvent yourself as an innovative educator. This is an excitingly engaging course that will revolutionize how you view school/classroom communication and instruction, ultimately leading you to becoming not only a better educator but having an innovative mindset

Audience: All educators prek-12

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