Teaching Diversity through Literature

EDU 5515 C05: Teaching Diversity Through Literature (3 Credit)

Dates and Times: July 5 – August 24, 2020.

Location: Online

Tuition: $975

Audience: All educators prek-12

Today, more than ever, schools must be prepared to meet the varying educational, social, and emotional needs of all children. The U.S. population will be considerably more racially and ethnically diverse by 2060, according to projections released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Therefore, It is absolutely essential that our educational resources reflect the changing makeup of our classrooms to ensure that students feel welcomed and supported in an inclusive and diverse environment. In this course, you will explore representations in literature which can enable students to find their unique identity and to develop pride in their roots and origin as well as develop a cultural awareness. Participants will explore how to evaluate and select the best multicultural and international literature when building classroom libraries. Through a thorough examination of current research and participating in engaging collaborative exercises, participants will become teacher leaders within their schools for teaching diversity through literature. This course will also practice read-a-louds through a readers workshop model that allows diversity to be more intentionally discussed and explored.

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